April 20, 2010

Earthquakes caused by the Devil with a Red Dress On

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:12 pm by etv10

Pat Robertson can now take comfort in the fact that his brothers in Iran officially agree with him on the fact that their Lord and Creator takes vengence on those who sin as defined by Pat Robertson and Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi. [and still people ask why we do not believe and I gotta  ask why they do?]

Seismologists have warned for at least two decades that it is likely the sprawling capital will be struck by a catastrophic quake in the near future. I am so happy Christians and Moslems got together to decide that Earthquakes aren’t created by faults in the earth’s mantel.  

Minister of Welfare and Social Security Sadeq Mahsooli said prayers and pleas for forgiveness were the best “formulas to repel earthquakes.”


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