April 28, 2010

Catholic Majority Rules We’re All Christian Now

Posted in News at 5:45 pm by etv10

High court supports Mojave cross in Calif.. The five Catholic majority on the Supreme Court rules that the war memorial in the form of the Christian Cross is appropriate to mark all the war dead of World War I. The Cross now represents Jews, Mohammdans, Buddhists, Agnostics and all other pagan and non-believers.

Yes America, the Supreme Courts Catholics have rules that everyone in America is now Catholic. I am certain we can very soon look forward to reversals in the right of married couples to use contraceptives, and the right of women to determine their own reproductive health care. Vatican City, that wonder of mystical morality superiority, is now directing the United States Supreme Court. No other evidence is neccessary than Salazar v. Buono.


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