April 30, 2010

Virginia’s Catholic Governor Declares Entire State Is Christian

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Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia today went against the Jewish Federation communities of the Commonwealth, his own legislature, and State Police Superintendent and declared that Virginia was an officially Christian state and that the police should be mandated to pray to Jesus. Attached article relates how Jewish residents object to the Governor’s actions.

  • “It leads us toward unnecessary religious clashes, demeans our Commonwealth’s Jeffersonian principles and creates an unwelcoming environment for the Commonwealth’s Jewish citizens and other religious minorities,” six representatives of the groups wrote. “A final concern is the likelihood that revisiting this guidance would ultimately lead to litigation costly to our Commonwealth.”
  • Reverend Clark Lobenstein told the Governor: “… we can think of no better way to live together peacefully and respectfully in our pluralistic society than to ensure that all religious faiths have the right to flourish without government-sponsored interference or preferential treatment.”

So much for that pro-job creating, moderate elected by Virginia last year.

  • “We are obviously thrilled that Governor McDonnell has fulfilled his campaign promise to restore the religious liberty rights of state police chaplains,” said Victoria Cobb, president of the Family Foundation of Virginia. “His action reverses the discriminatory policy of the previous administration and ensures that chaplains can remain true to their faith at public events.”  as reported by the Washington Post.

It is obvious that if Gov. McDonnell made these campaign promises to the Family Foundation of Virginia and the Virginia Christian Alliance, then he was lying when he told the rest of the state in interviews and debates that what he wrote while seeking degrees from Pat Robertson’s Regent University was not his current thinking or how he would run the state if elected. It is exactly how he is running the state, i.e., as a homophobic, anti-semitic, misogynist, religious extremists.


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  1. Richard Mecherle said,

    Somehow I need to elevate your group more into my consciousness. I now remember hooking up with you under your prior name. Do you need a magazine or what so I remember who in heck you are? I sense I signed up originally because you are exactly who I am. I wonder how you can make headway merely thru candidates since it is almost impossible to find out who is on our side. But if you would let me know who in the government is one of us, I could directly support them and send messages to them or their newspapers. Anyway, I feel something is missing in order for all of us to be more effective. I belong to at least 3 well run seperation groups and of course you know all of them by name.
    So I kinda wanna know are we doing any good is there any hope for things improving, etc. I believe these others grops are making headway and it is often by suing the pants off the idiots in our society.
    If you can’t reason with them, hit them where it hurts.

    So tell me how your approach measures success and progress toward its goals and anything else that will make me more comfortable. Don’t forget, I already give to at least 3 strong organizations and I am completely on your side.

    The piece on Leahy bothers me a lot. Already this year i wrote him expressing dismay on his vote to confirm SC Justices Alito and Roberts and how now we are stuck with two more idealogues. I also wrote to Russ Fiengold and said to both, treat this war more seriously. The other side is not concilliartory and you are practicing unilateral disarmament.

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