June 20, 2010

Louisiana lawmakers ask God to avert oil disaster

Posted in News at 4:43 pm by etv10

Louisiana lawmakers propose prayer to stop oil disaster – CNN.com.

In Louisiana, the legislature’s “State senators designated Sunday as a day for citizens to ask for God’s help dealing with the oil disaster.” 

I say we all wish them all the best of luck with wishing on an invisible mage for help. But only so long as they don’t stop the real work necessary to address this disaster.

Then again, if all it took is wishing to make all of our dreams come true, my wish would be not to live in a country where the overwhelming number of people think making a wish on an invisible mage is the answer to their problems. The people would instead turn to intelligence and education to produce rational people grounded in reality.

 Silly me though, not all wishes come true.



  1. serr8d said,

    May not have been your ‘invisible mage’ who quickly cleaned up the spill, but there’s not near the damage frightened scientists imagined there would be.

    See what I did there?

    • Freethinkin Franklin said,

      3 years after the serr8d post here time has proven him wrong and continues to do so…. the deep water horizon spill still is having effects here on floridas west coast…. superstition will not nor can repair coastlines marine life or daily life of any kind….

  2. I remember a few years ago Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel suffered a stroke. The whole of the country (as well as millions of supporters in the USA) prayed for his recovery….He deteriorated daily.
    About the same time, in the United States, 13 minors were trapped underground. President Bush asked the whole country to pray for them…They came up in body bags.
    In the same month, in England, a whale lost its way and ended up in the river Thames. The people were asked to pray for it…It died a few days later

    About the same time, more than 400 Muslims visiting Mecca to worship and pray to Allah were crushed to death!
    Logic tell you that praying is a waste of time but believers never apply logic.

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