January 24, 2011

Tomfoolery: Ayn Rand’s Relevance Today

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Tomfollery has an excellent posting on Ayn Rand and her influence on Tea Baggers such as Sen. Paul Ryan who states that her novels are the reason he is in pubilc service. He is trying to create Rand’s “Objectivism” world where money is good and altruism is evil.

Of course, this can mean only one thing. If anyone buys her philosophy, then by definition, they have to also accept her religious views. And her religious views is that there is no god.

This is a real conflict in the Atheist community. There are numerous Atheists, mostly from the past who were anti-religious pro-secular humanist but were primarily socially progressive. The Sen. Ryan’s in the Tea Baggers realm call them the Socialists and Communists, while others call them Trade Unionists.

The other group in the Atheist community are the Libertarian Conservatives. This IS the Sen. Ryan’s in the Tea Baggers world. The Social Security Administration and Medicare are altruistic endeavors and should be dismantled. The Department of Education and public education are altruistic benefits of an enlightented society that desires an educated population. Is has no place in the Tea Baggers Godless America.

I strongly urge you to read the article below, you’ll see.

I Me Mine: The Unholy Trinity Of Ayn Rand By OTOOLEFAN “Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.” – Ayn Rand Ayn Rand was out of her Vulcan mind. This is a simple fact that can be verified by anyone with even minimal Google skills. She was the Albert Schweitzer of Selfishness and the Mother Theresa of Greed all rolled into one. This, naturally, makes her a hero to the Right and qualifies her for sainthood … Read More

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  1. Robert said,

    Using sexual slurs to describe your political opposition says more about you than those you insult. Insult is the refuge of the insecure.

  2. Trevor Reid said,

    There is nothing altruistic about forcing the young to support the old, nor in extorting from one family to elevate another.

  3. Alex said,

    It’s sad that the “New Atheists” have completely excluded Conservatives and economic liberals and choose to ridicule on subjects which have nothing to do with belief in a god. It seems that to be a “New Atheist” it’s compulsory to replace god with big government.
    Of course the Republican Party has, unfortunately, been hijacked by the god squad but that does not mean that everyone who has positive views about a laissez-faire economy is religious!
    To me it seems obvious that to work towards the demise of religions the largest number of people are required, regardless of their ideas about the economy, gay marriage, abortion and global warming. These are all different issues as to the existence of a god.
    The approach of the “New Atheists” is a bit like a Ford Car Salesman insisting that all potential Ford customers use Colgate toothpaste! It’s absurd!

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